Big love for BIG dog breeds

November 22, 2019 2 min read

Big dog coats from Ginger Ted for larger dog breeds

Everyone has their favourite dog breed and also preferred size of dog. Some people love owning a large dog breed and would only consider sharing their home with a big dog.

Caring for your large-breed dog

Got a pet that’s more like a small bear than a dog? Or considering a large dog breed? You’ll know that big dogs are a bit different from a smaller dog breed such as a Chihuahua or Shih Tzu. Large dog breeds are different in temperament and their care needs will differ, too.

What kind of dog breeds are considered big dogs?

XL dogs include Great Danes, Bernese mountain dogs, retrievers and sheepdogs.

These boys are big, but don’t be intimidated. Big breeds over 45kgs like this tend to have superb temperaments. They also need much less exercise than their smaller cousins. On the downside, larger dogs don’t tend to live as long as small and medium-sized breeds. All the more reason to make every day count.

Diet for large dog breeds

What about diet? Because of their bulk, many larger dog breeds often suffer from bone and joint problems as they get older. That’s why the right food is critical. You’ll need good-quality meat to tone and grow muscles, carbs for healthy blood-sugar levels, low-fat foods, glucosamine for their joints and Omega 3 for overall health.
It’s a great idea to ask your vet how many calories your pet should be eating and to stick to a regular feeding pattern. And watch out for ‘bloat’. This is a condition that affects larger dogs. It’s basically gas in the stomach.
You can avoid bloat by keeping meal portions consistent, adding water to kibble and raising their bowl off the floor.

What exercise do big dogs need?

Despite their size, big dogs don’t need huge amounts of exercise. Low-impact daily walking for up to an hour with a little bit of ‘fetch’ thrown in should be enough. They’re friendly breeds, so make sure they socialise with other dogs as well.

Clothing for big dogs

Here at Ginger Ted, we’ve got clothing that’s specially made for larger dogs. In fact, we’re one of only a few brands that make coats in XXL size. That’s a coat big enough for a Great Dane.

Extra large dog coats for great danes and large dog breeds by Ginger Ted

Ginger Ted extra-large dog coats are waterproof, breathable, windproof and come with a warm fleece lining to see them through the winter months. There’s reflective piping for safety and even an optional shoulder-harness slot.

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