The timeless luxury of tweed

November 03, 2019 2 min read

Tweed Dog Coats by Ginger Ted

Known for its everlasting beauty and timeless style, tweed has a quality and function that keeps it in our wardrobes no matter what the decade.

Year on year tweed makes it’s journey to the catwalk with this season’s trends in Harper’s Bazaar picking out tweeds, checks and statement coats as the hot-to-trot wardrobe essentials. WhoWhatWear have declared tweed ‘cool again’ – not that tweed ever lost it’s coolness in the first place!

Tweed is a totally gorgeous material which incorporates superb patterns, a sumptuous feel with the added benefit of keeping out the chill. Quality tweeds that are 100% wool provide warmth and a durability that’s hard to match.

Giving your dog the best life

As dog owners we all strive to ensure that our dogs are living their best lives possible. Quality food, stimulating toys and plenty of dog-friendly walks with their mates. There is a choice of dog clothing, some of it cheap and cheerful, others stand the test of muddy walks and tough adventures. Here’s your chance to step out on your next walk and be the envy of the pack. The Tweed Dog Coat by Ginger Ted will keep your dog in the luxury they’ve become accustomed to. The tweed has been sourced from a mill in Yorkshire who have been creating tweeds since 1931 and send their fabrics all over the globe. Created to withstand tough Northern climates the Tweed Dog Coat will certainly keep your dog warm in style this winter.

100% wool tweed dog coats

The new range from Ginger Ted is available in Standard, Greyhound and Dachshund Tweed Coats. The outer is 100% wool Yorkshire tweed and is paired with a quality fleece lining. You’ll find the standard Ginger Ted key features including adjustable straps and optional shoulder harness slots.

Tweed Greyhound Coats by Ginger Ted suitable for whippets, greyhounds, lurchers, sight hounds Tweed Dachshund Coats by Ginger Ted suitable for short legged breeds

7 steps to creating quality Yorkshire tweed

  1. Yarn: It all begins with yarn, which gets prepared for the loom by creating a warp. These are the threads that run from front to back on the loom.
  2. Warping professionals arrange and check the threads for a single pattern repeat on the creel. The threads get wound onto the warping machine, cut and tied up. They move the machine along then re-tie the threads to the first section. This gets repeated until the full warp is created.
  3. Twisting: Next comes twisting. The warp must be made ready for the loom. Let’s assume the warp is an established pattern. If so, the twisters knot the warp to the end of the old warp, pull it through and it can be woven once more.
  4. Weaving – now the fabric gets created. Weaving means lifting and lowering the shafts in the right sequence to make a gap for the weft thread.
  5. Mending is next. This is really about correcting any faults.
  6. Finishing is all about creating a beautiful finished product from raw greasy cloth.
  7. Quality: A few stringent quality-control processes later and we’re all done. 

Take a look at the new Tweed Dog Coat range from Ginger Ted. When your dog is the envy of the pack you know they are living their best life possible!