Keeping your dog warm in winter

December 08, 2019 3 min read

thermal quilted harness dog coat by ginger ted

Even though it’s freezing cold, wet and usually blowing a gale, the UK winter has its charms. It’s kind of fun to come home after a bone-chilling walk and snuggle up by the fire with a hot chocolate. The Danish even have a word for it: hygge.

Your dog obviously can’t drink hot chocolate . . .

So how do you keep your warm in winter?

You might think it’s not that important. After all, dogs have an advantage over us humans of a natural fur coat. While it is true that a dog's coat provide a certain layer of warmth and protection, dogs can still feel the cold, just like us. They’re as prone to hypothermia and frostbite as humans are. If you've got a particularly precious dog, you'll see them shivering as soon as you open the door!

What about walking your dog in winter?

Unlike their wolf ancestors, dogs aren’t really able to stay out in the cold for long periods. That’s why they should spend more time indoors during cooler weather.

You should still walk your dog daily, but you’ll be exposing their ears, paws and nose to cold temperatures. It is a good idea to make your walks shorter and more frequent. You can also encourage indoor play time.

Is there a doggy friend you could invite round for a play date? A pair of dogs can expend plenty of energy playing ‘bitey-face’ for a couple of hours and you’ll probably be off the hook for a walk, at least until the evening.

You should also make sure your dog's winter bedding is warm enough, with lots of blankets. Keep the bed raised off the floor to avoid draughts. If they sleep outside, make sure their kennel is dry with good insulation and a sloped roof. Consider bringing your dog inside if you know the temperate is really going to drop

Does my dog need a coat? 

Certain dog breeds appreciate an added layer by way of a dog coat or dog jumper. Smaller breeds, mature dogs and short haired dogs and sight hounds all really feel the chill in winter and wet weather.

There are a variety of dog coats now available. Look for a good dog coat with features that will suit your dog. In particular, warmth, fit and material are all details you'll want to think about. Our Thermal Quilted Harness Dog Coats come with a zipped harness slot as standard plus it offers some outstanding features for keeping your best friend toasty.

Thermal Quilted Harness Dog Coat

Available in Standard, Greyhound and Dachshund, our Thermal Quilted Dog Coats are made from a tough quilted outer fabric, extra-warm thermal fleece lining and reflective piping.

Thermal Quilted Harness Dachshund Dog Coat by Ginger Ted

Plus they’re windproof and breathable and come with a quick-fastening straps and a zipped harness slot so you have the choice to use it with a shoulder harness or traditional collar and lead.

Check out our quilted dog coats in the Ginger Ted shop. While you’re there, you can look through our cosy fleece dog jumpers and Tweed Dog Coats as well!

5 ways to keep your dog warm this winter

  1. Plan shorter walks and add an extra, brisk ‘round the block’ to keep up everyone’s exercise regime and toilet breaks.
  2. Make sure your dog is warm at night, some dogs even wear a sweater to keep snug.
  3. Get creative in the house with some games of hide and seek
  4. Invite a pawpal over for an indoor doggy play date
  5. A warm winter coat will keep your dog happy on winter walks