Recycled packaging that was once a plastic bottle

August 30, 2022 1 min read

Ginger Ted launch their recycled, reusable packaging

Have you seen the new kid in town?

Our bags have had a make-over. Made from recycled plastic bottles and totally cute to reuse on your travels.

The new packaging has been designed so that all the Ginger Ted dog clothing is packed and sent to you in these fabulous new outers.

One bag, endless possibilities 

So far, you’ve told us you’ve used your bag for doggy stuff to take on walkies, you’ve packed up a picnic (for you and your dog), one lady uses hers for her gym gear (though her dog is disgruntled as he has to stay at home for that one) and we’re using ours when we pop to the shops.

Each bag has a carry handle and zip, plus it’s super lightweight and foldable, making them a great choice to keep handy when your need to grab a reusable bag.

Recycled plastic bottles turned into reusable bags for Ginger Ted dog products

Initially we wanted to produce new packaging for our clothing and looked to source a material that would be strong to hold the clothing yet light enough for posting out. Using recycled plastic (bottles) created a durable product that kept the clothing well packaged plus went on to have a second chance as a reusable bag. One bag, endless possibilities.

Where will your bag go?

Let us know what you’re reusing your Ginger Ted bag for, maybe we’ll award a  prize for the most create and well-travelled bag (and dog)!

Ginger Ted launch new, reusable packaging made from recycled plastic bottles