Meet Shadow, a dog with a heart-warming tale!

December 01, 2023 2 min read

Meet Shadow, a dog with a heart-warming tale!

Rescued from the streets of Romania at four months old by the Pack Project charity. Having seen his photo, Shadow’s scruffy charm won the hearts of his forever family. 


A Christmas Tale, Shadow's Heart-warming Journey

As the festive season approaches, our hearts are warmed by the winner of the Ginger Ted Face of Christmas. Shadow, a remarkable dog with a heart-warming journey. Shadow's tale is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the magic of finding a forever family.

Rescued from the Streets

At just 4 months old, Shadow was rescued from the cold streets of Romania by the Pack Project charity. The winters in Romania can be unforgiving, especially for young dogs like Shadow. He was not alone; he was found alongside his little sister, both struggling to survive in a challenging environment.

A Surprising First Impression

Upon his rescue, something remarkable became evident about Shadow. Despite his young age, his appearance initially gave the impression of an older dog. His scruffy coat, white flecks on his beard and wise eyes seemed to tell a story of a dog who had seen it all. Little did anyone know that this young pup held the heart of an adventurer and the soul of a wise old soul.

shadow ginger ted face of christmas winner

A Unique Heritage Unveiled

Shadow's uniqueness didn't stop at his appearance. A DNA test unveiled his diverse heritage - 25% coonhound, 25% Labrador, and 50% Romanian herding breed. This charming blend of breeds contributed to his one-of-a-kind personality and made him all the more special.

He spend four months at with his wonderful fosterer Elaine, a lady who’s home is a rescue dogs haven. It was at this point his new family saw his photo and fell in love with his scruffy charm.

The Joys of Home and Family

While Shadow could quite happily snuggle the day away in his very own armchair, he also had an adventurous side. He adored spending time with his doggy pals, running around and chasing balls with youthful exuberance. Shadow's gentle nature and wise soul made him the perfect companion for all his furry friends.

A Loving Big Brother

But Shadow's heart was even bigger than his love for playtime. He embraced the role of a big brother with the same enthusiasm and devotion that he brought to everything else in life. When a new little human joined the family, Shadow took his role as protector and friend very seriously, proving that his love knew no bounds.

This winter, as we prepare to celebrate the festive season, we are delighted to have Shadow as the Ginger Ted Face of Christmas. He proudly wears our Ginger Ted dog jumper every winter.

shadow wearing his green ginger ted cosy fleece dog jumper

Shadow's journey - from the cold streets of Romania to the warmth of a loving home - is a tale that embodies the true spirit of the season. It reminds us that Christmas is about finding love, warmth, and a forever family. As we celebrate this holiday season, let Shadow's heart-warming story serve as a reminder of the power of love and the magic of the holidays.