Personalised gifts for dog lovers

December 01, 2017 3 min read

Personalised gifts for dog lovers

It’s fast approaching that special time of the year; Christmas is coming and many of us are busy going into shops or buying our gifts online. Dog lovers are a special breed and if a friend of yours deserves a great dog-themed gift, here are a few ideas including personalised gifts for dog lovers.

Receiving gifts at Christmas is wonderful but it can be just as satisfying buying for someone else and getting genuine appreciation in response.

It can be stressful having to buy presents for others at this time of year but with dog lovers you at least have a starting point. You have a genuine interest of theirs which you can use when looking for a suitable gift.

The dog itself should be well catered for this festive season. The trend in gifts for dogs has grown rapidly in recent years with dog coats, dog beds and the like being joined by a special Christmas dinner for dogs and their own stocking full of treats and toys as well as so much else. So, there are many gift ideas for dogs and many others for those who care for them.

Chritsmas gift for dogs

Christmas gifts for dogs

Personalised portraits for dog lovers

One idea is a portrait of a friend’s pet for a lasting memento. There are many artists specialising in dogs who can create a portrait in oils, watercolours or whatever your particular preference.

All you would need to do is get a copy of a favourite photo of your friend’s dog and give it to the artist.

Personalised name tags for dogs

The law requires dogs in public places to have a collar with the owner’s name and address including postcode on it. Even though it is a legal requirement the tags can still be fun. You’ll find different styles, different materials and a range of colours too.

If you know of a dog that doesn’t have one at the moment, they do need it so Christmas is as good a time as any to get one, so it would make a very practical Christmas gift.

Dog towels

Any dog lover will also need a dog towel. Especially in the winter months the need to wipe a dog down after a good walk to get rid of excess mud or snow is much needed. Many will use an odd towel they don’t mind getting dirty but how about giving a gift of a personalised towel. You can get them in sizes ideal to wrap around the dog and, with it being personalised it makes an ideal gift. As any dog owner will tell you, it will certainly get used!

Dog books

Books have long been a staple for Christmas presents. If in doubt I always buy books for people and obviously try to find ones which match their interests.

Dog people are obviously well catered for in this regard. As befits a nation of animal lovers there are many books on the subject, on different breeds, on dog obedience and training. Any aspect of life with a dog as part of your family, there will be books written about it.

There are of course many humorous books on this subject as well as books trying to give a slant on life from a dog’s perspective. There are now also increasingly interactive books enabling you to add your own photos to create a personalised storybook unique to the dog and owner.

Personalised gifts for dog lovers

Nowadays there is vastly greater choice when choosing a Christmas gift for a dog lover. So personalised gifts are always popular and, in another sign of the times there is a great range of products as we have already seen with tags and towels to name just two

T-shirts and other clothing products can all be chosen with words added, coffee mugs are another popular personalised product, the same for welcome mats for the home.

You can buy personalised dog coats from Ginger Ted with your dog’s name embroidered on the side of the coat. Now that’s an ideal gift for dogs and owners alike!

These are just a few ideas, there are many more personalised gifts for dog lovers out there, so have fun with your Christmas shopping and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!