One Dog And His Bike

December 12, 2017 2 min read

One Dog And His Bike

Scooby was rescued from a bad situation as a very young puppy and was not treated well during his early life.

His new owner, Robin Hollis, gave him a forever home and introduced him to a new, happy life. Robin’s hobby is mountain biking and noticed, on returning home from a cycle, Scooby would not leave his bike alone. This got his new owner thinking. He needed to find a way to take Scooby out with him on his travels. An unusual move, but as Scooby clearly loved his new owner and being outdoors, Robin was only too happy to share his mountain bike hobby with his new furry friend.

Robin and Scooby on their mountain bike raising money for Breast Cancer Care 

After a trial and error stint testing different carrier bags, Scooby and Robin settled on a suitable K9 Sports bag which seemed to fit them both nicely.

Two and a half years later, the cycling duo have raised money cycling for Breast Cancer Care. They cycled from Plymouth to Cardiff in 24 hours then in 2017 Robin and Scooby completed the Velothon Wales 140k. Once Breast Cancer Care found out about the cycling pair, they asked Scooby if he could become a mascot for the charity. Their next charity fundraising adventure will be in 2018 with a 24 hour 228 mile ride from Holyhead to Cardiff.

Commenting on Scooby’s cosy fleece dog jumper, Robin said “It was important for Scooby to be wrapped up, as it can be very cold out on the bike. We both have a lot of training ahead of us to get ready for our next ride. The Ginger Ted dog jumper ticks all the boxes!”

Scooby reviews his red Ginger Ted dog jumper

Good luck to Scooby and Robin for all your training and charity fundraising. Make sure to let us know how you both get on! And thanks for sharing your fantastic story.