Fun stay at home ideas for dogs

April 14, 2020 4 min read

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It’s every dogs dream situation. Their owners are staying home to lavish them with love, fun and attention.
Seriously. We’ve replaced the sad faces when we say goodbye in the morning with taking them out for an hour walk and playing at home. At the time of writing this, we’re lucky enough to still be able to exercise outside and near our homes which includes taking dogs for a walk.
If this means a lead walk only, alternate between speed walking (or even a jog if you feel up to it) and slowing the pace, giving your dog plenty of time to sniff around and smell who else has been out and about too.

Tips for lead walks with your dog

Try to set yourself goals when you’re walking your dog on a lead, varying up the speed on different streets, warming up with a gentle walk, picking up the pace for a couple of streets then slowing the pace to an amble and a sniff (your dog, not you).
Another tip is to vary your route EVERY time you go out. Even if you’re only able to walk through streets, there are loads of variations you can do. Challenge yourself to pick different streets, walk in a different direction and find hidden gems you never even knew existed right on your doorstep.
Keep your distance from anyone else by at least 2 meters / 6 foot (think of the height of a door frame in front of you as you walk) and the streets are your oyster right now.

Finding open spaces near your home

Some people are fortunate to be close to open fields or spaces where their dogs can safely run off lead, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. You still need to keep your distance, avoiding busy times when others are likely to be there. Vary your walk timings to work out the quietest times. We tried different times and noticed even a 15-minute difference meant our local spot was completely empty!
Remember to stay tuned for updates during the COVID-19 pandemic and how it relates to exercising and walking your dog. In these unprecedented times, the information and guidelines can change quite rapidly.

Great ideas for lock-down with dogs

Now the weather is getting warmer and the hours of daylight are deliciously longer, you can take advantage of any outdoor space you have. From small back yards to a suburban garden, there’s always some fun to be had.

5 Fun ideas to play with your dog at home

  1. Training: Is your dog perfect? Really? Well now is the perfect time to bush up on your training. If you’ve mastered the basics of sit, stay, up, lie down the move on to some advanced skills. Your dog will appreciate the attention and use up some energy.
  2. Treats: Did you know dogs love to crunch on vegetables? You can save some bits of raw carrot, sweet potato, broccoli stems and even cucumber to use as training rewards. Chop them up and keep them in a container in your fridge so they’re at hand when you’re training.
  3. Agility course: We’ve played this inside (if you’re not precious about your sitting room!). Rearrange a few bits of furniture that your dog can SAFELY jump over and go under. Set up a short agility course involving up and under. Depending on the space you have, either inside or outside, and the size of your dog of course, this is fun to get kids (and adults) involved with.
  4. Video chat: If your dog is used to being around friends and family members, chances are those humans are missing their furry friend too. Send photos and videos of your training sessions and include your dogs in on any HouseParties, WhatsApp calls and Zoom meet ups as possible. If you’re working from home and having a staff meeting, suggest a pet ‘show and tell’ to spread some furry joy.
  5. And relax. Take your foot off the gas. How do you want to look back at this time and think about what you did? We’re so programmed into rushing around on a hamster wheel, take the opportunity to enjoy being at home with dog. They’re the best company whether you’re locking down with family or yourself. Curl up with a book or a box set, your dog and a treat for your both to enjoy.

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