The benefits of taking your dog to work

June 04, 2019 2 min read

bring your dog to work day 2019

This month sees the sixth ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’. Established in 2014, the day is an annual charity event aimed at making a difference to dogs’ welfare. All organisations are welcome to take part on Friday 21st June.

The benefit of taking your dog to work

What are the benefits of having your pooch potter around your office? Six great reasons to get your dog and your place of work involved:

1. If you’ve got a dog, you exercise. You take breaks and go for walks. Stuck on a tough presentation? Take a break and take your dog round the block, while your subconscious works on the problem. Dogs can be a huge help to your state of mind and productivity.

2. Helps reduce daily stress levels. Being around your dog and stroking him is proven to reduce stress. Here’s the science part why there’s a benefit of being around dogs - the act of stroking and patting reduces blood pressure and makes you more relaxed. Put dogs in the office and the general levels of stress will naturally fall. There's nothing better than a dog curled up asleep on a bed next to you whilst you're productively flying through your 'to do' list.

benefits of bringing your dog to work

3. Dogs are sociable and naturally want to be part of your daily routine. This is where dogs score over cats: you can take them with you as a companion when you go places. Dogs love this and it helps their psychological and physical health. People buy dogs with the best of intentions, but too often they’re left at home on their own, when they pine for company. Dogs coming to work regularly would have a positive impact on animal welfare.

4. Save on doggy day care. Leave your dog at home and you often find yourself paying for doggy daycare or dog walkers. This isn’t cheap. You can save a lot of money by bringing your dog to work. For employers, this is a valuable perk to offer staff.

5. Dogs are a natural ice-breaker. If you’ve got a dog, you know how many conversations they help strike up each day. They oil the social wheels wonderfully, even when out in the park. Now put a dog in the workplace and see how many colleagues you talk to who you would normally just pass by. What collaborations might result?

6. Some companies already know the benefits of dogs in the workplace. If your organisation allows dogs onto the premises, they’ll be in some pretty special company. Businesses that have a successful Dogs At Work policy include Amazon, Google, and Ben and Jerry’s. One of the first to do so was Purina PetCare, opening its doors to dogs in 2003. 

Do you have an op-PAW-tunity for dogs in your workplace? Let us know if your dog are allowed to go to work with you, even if its for one day. Remember to tag us in your office adventures!