Rescue Rottie Lexi the office dog

February 13, 2018 2 min read

Rescue Rottie Lexi the office dog

Office dog Lexi gives applicants her seal of approval

Going for a job interview? How would you feel about getting the seal of approval from the office dog, before being offered the job? That’s exactly what happens at Wagstaff Recruitment with rescue Rottweiler Lexi being on hand with her own type of interview questions.

In 2010 Ruth Wagstaff set up her recruitment company and decided to adopt a rescue dog at a similar time. With thoughts of a Westie or Cocker Spaniel, Ruth and her husband originally overlooked Lexi on the rescue website, mainly due to the negative misconceptions that Rottweilers are often labelled with. But luckily, 5 month old Lexi the Rottie captured Ruth’s heart and she found her forever home.

As Ruth’s new business grew, Lexi became a valued member of the team. Any office vacancies are accompanied with the description:

“Our office consists of a team of 7, open plan office, with our office dog – Lexi! We love dogs, and our office dog Lexi would need to approve you!”

Lexi the office dog taking a nap

Lexi the office dog naps on the job

Clients know all about Lexi as she’s a regular on the recruitment company’s social media feeds. On the rare occasion Lexi does bark, the Wagstaff team can only pause the conversation then apologise for the loud interruption.

Lexi taking a quick break Lexi taking a quick break
Lexi is loved by all the staff and enjoys her day time environment. From playing ball, giving out cuddles and joining in with secret Santa, Lexi has found her role within the team.

When she’s not hard at work in the office, Lexi gets taken by her mum and dad on plenty of adventures around the country, though she’s just has happy relaxing in front of the telly!

Keep up the good work Lexi, you’ve done your Rottie friends proud and brought love to your mum and dad too.

Rescue Rottie Lexi

Rescue Rottie Lexi

Lexi looking at the penguins

Lexi checking out the penguins