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And the winner of the 'face of Christmas' competition is . . .

December 10, 2018

Christmas winner Paul mini long haired dachshund

And the winner is . . .

We're delighted to introduce Paul, the winner and face of Christmas at Ginger Ted!

Earlier this year, we ran a competition to submit photos of your gorgeous dogs to be the face of Christmas. Obviously, it was a very tough task to pick a winner. We did have fun looking at the your entries but felt that Paul with his snowflake nose stood out to be our face of Christmas.

We ask his humans to send us a little bit of background information too.

All about Paul

Paul is a long haired dachshund! To be honest, when we got him we were told that he's a miniature, but his legs are much longer than the average mini's legs and he's bigger, too! We're really happy about that as it allows him to run super fast (and when he does he looks like a very fast little rabbit)!

The photo was taken in the countryside on a very snowy weekend when Paul had been introduced to snow for the first time. He loved it. He loves sticking his nose in the snow, and he absolutely loves it when we make snow balls and throw them, he never really understands where they disappear to. And in wintertime he never leaves the house without his favourite Ginger Ted coat!

Paul is our first dog as a couple and we got him when he was only 4 months old. He is the most spoiled dog on earth and if he wants something - you're damn right he'll get it ;) If he wants to play he just starts barking at us and shows us what he wants. He also understands many words like mummy, daddy, walkie, treat, ball and good morning!

Paul loves the snow and also loves to cuddle!

He usually puts himself to bed at night but somewhere around the middle of the night always jumps to our bed and crawls under the blanket between us.

We love him, he's our little baby and he's brought so much happiness into our lives! For that he deserves the best life we can give him.

Congratulations to Paul and a big thank you to everyone who entered the competition, too. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thank you for all your support from the Ginger Ted team x

mini long hair dachshund snoozing in bed

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