Calling all Pugs and Frenchies

November 02, 2020 2 min read

Frenchie wearing Ginger Ted dog coat with harness slot

Pugs and Frenchies - it’s time for you to look stylish and stay warm this winter with a fabulous coat designed for you.

The Fabulous French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, commonly known as a Frenchie, is one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK. The playful and sociable Frenchie’s have the benefit of needing shorter walks and having a non shedding, hypo-allergenic coat. They are great for all age groups due to their affectionate and easy-going attitude to life. Like lots of dogs, spend time with your pup and build up to ‘alone time’ as Frenchies can sometimes suffer with separation anxiety.

From England to France

Even though they started out as a toy-sized Bulldog in England, they made their way across the channel to France. Due to cross breeding, the recognisable ‘bat ears’ became a distinctive feature of the French Bulldog aka the Frenchie. Frenchies can even be seen in the paintings of famous artists Toulouse-Lautrec and Dagas.

French Bulldogs have a variety of different colour coats, depending on the coat gene of the parents. The most common coat colours are Fawn, White, Brindle and Pied. Famous Frenchie owners include A-List celebrity couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Lady Gaga and actor Hugh Jackman.

The Popular Pug

One of the breeds the toy-sized Bulldog may have bred with was the Pug. Another popular breed in the UK also happen to be one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world. Their main coat colours are Silver, Apricot, Black and Fawn. Pugs are usually known for being kind, well-natured and loving, despite this Pugs need a good amount of training as they can be mischievous and naughty.

Treated Like Royalty

Pugs originated in Asia, in particular Tibet in China. They lived with Buddhist Monks in monasteries where the Pugs were treated like royalty. As the 16th century began the status of Pugs grew and became more widely known in mainland Europe.

The mischievous dogs are notoriously associated with wealth and royalty especially throughout Queen Victoria’s reign. There is a huge comparison to how pugs are thought about in today and how they were used and perceived in past centuries. By the 19th century Pugs were regarded as good guard and watch dogs, which is a huge comparison to today, where pugs are thought of as calm lapdogs.

Much like Frenchies, Pugs have numerous famous owners including Paris Hilton, Gerard Butler and Hugh Laurie.

Pug dog coat in purple by Ginger Ted

Coats for Pugs and Frenchies

Both Frenchies and Pugs have shorter coats. These barrel-chested breeds are susceptible to feeling the cold and often to refuse to walk on wet days. Ginger Ted have designed a waterproof and warm dog coat specific for Pugs and Frenchies. The Shower Waterproof Pug Coat features a harness slot as standard, as the majority of owners have found walking on a harness is preferable for their dog. The coat has a warm fleece lining, reflective piping and adjustable front and underbelly straps.

Get you dog winter ready with this Pug and Frenchie wardrobe essential.