Only have eyes for your dog this Valentine's Day

February 08, 2022 2 min read

Jack Russell Terrier at home cuddling owner, spending time with your dog on Valentines Day by Ginger Ted

All dog owners will know how much love (and time) goes into owning a dog. Dog’s can be best friends and the best companions. Therefore, they're the perfect choice to spend the day of love showing them how much you love them.

If you are looking for ideas for how to spend a special Valentine's Day with them, here are some ideas:

Top 10 Ideas To Spend Valentine's Day With Your Dog

Put your dog first on Valentine's Day

Dogs love being put first! It shows them how much you appreciate them and they will feel nothing but love if you put them first. Whilst we all need some self-care, if your perfect day is spending time with your number one love, then put that at the top of your list.

Plan ahead for a special day with your dog

All dogs know when you want to spend time with them over trying to spend time with them when you don’t want to. Therefore, plan ahead of time and know that spending time with your dog on Valentine’s Day is in your schedule. It will ensure that you give them your full attention.

Go to dog-friendly places

Surely dog-friendly places are the perfect pick for Valentine’s Day? There are so many to choose from including the parks, dog friendly cafes, or even planning a play day in a private, secure dog field. Planning some time at a dog-friendly place will give the two of you a great day out.

Dog-friendly restaurants and cafes

There are plenty of food and drink places that positively welcome dogs and also have treats for them. Therefore, you can take them there for a dog date and some treats.

Walks in the park

You could go for a dog-friendly adventure in a different park than you usually go to, and keep them warm with a present of a new dog coat, it will still be fairly cold and windy at this time of year. 

Dog meetups

Other dog owners might have the same idea of spending Valentine’s Day with their dogs. Therefore, organise or join in with a meet-up so your dog can get some dog-friend time.

Playdate with friends

Likewise, should your dog have a dog best friend, then make a plan with them. You can all enjoy a cafe and walk together.

Dinner for two?

You could create a cute dinner for the two of you. You could make your favourite meat dinner and make your dog a dog-friendly version. There a lots of dog-friendly recipes available on-line. 

Gifts for dogs on Valentine's Day

All dogs love treats and toys, and pet owners just love getting gifts for their dogs. Give them a treat on Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love for each other. A cute collar and lead set are always useful and a nice way to change their wardrobe, ready for spring.

Dachshund wearing a Ginger Ted dog collar and lead

However you decide to spend Valentine's Day, we hope you have a lovely day and your dog joins in with the fun, too!