Harness vs dog collars

October 02, 2018 2 min read

harness dog coat by ginger ted

Which is better for your dog - a harness or dog collar?

For some owners, it seems that no matter how much you patiently impersonate a statue on your dog walks, your pooch still insists on tugging on the lead.
They’re smart animals, but not smart enough to know that this behaviour gets them absolutely nowhere. Choking themselves on the collar also doesn’t do them much good. Perhaps you’ve thought about using a harness? Let’s examine the pros and cons.

Traditional collars

Let’s face it, collars are the norm. While most are purely functional, allowing you to attach a name tag and lead, others are designed to cause mild discomfort when your dog pulls. Though, thankfully, the electric-shock collaris to be banned in England.
If your dog doesn’t pull on the lead and has no breathing issues, the traditional collar will be fine. They’re also more comfortable than a harness for all-day use. If, however, your dog pulls hard, a collar can cause neck injuries.
A slip collar is a good option for puppies and for breeds with slim necks, such as greyhounds. They close lightly around the neck when the dog backs up, stopping the animal from slipping away.

The harness

Harnesses are growing in popularity as excellent training tools for puppies. They give owners more control, discourage pulling and let you safely prevent your dog from leaping all over strangers. Harnessed dogs are also less prone to getting tangled up in the lead.
Harnesses can also help prevent neck injuries and are less restrictive for breeds that suffer from respiratory problems, such as bulldogs. If your dog has breathing issues, a harness is definitely the best option.
Harnesses can attach at the front or back. Go for front-attaching for bigger dogs, especially as a back-attaching harness doesn’t give you as much control over pulling. Back-attaching harnesses are better for smaller dogs, who might find front-attaching versions too painful.

Dog coats for harnesses

People sometimes find it difficult to find a dog coat to use with a harness. Ginger Ted have a range of harness dog coats. Choose from a lightweight waterproof dog coat with harness slot, a warm and and waterproof dog coat with a harness slot, quilted thermal harness coat plus there are breed specific coats for suitable for Sight-hounds and Dachshunds, all with harness slots.