Dog friendly day trips

July 01, 2020 4 min read

Exploring dog friendly Yorkshire at the top of Malham Cove

Dust off your picnic bag, pack up the car and get ready to explore. There are loads of dog friendly places to visit in the UK. Picnic lunches give you the freedom to eat when you’re ready but most areas now have at least one or two dog friendly cafes along the way. Look out for specific signs that are happy to welcome muddy paws and well-behaved owners. With travel restrictions being lifted we can begin to venture out again and enjoy a dog friendly day trip.

New places to walk your dog this summer

Everyone has their favourite spot they like to visit and in turn enjoy recommending to others. Even with your weather-app, you can’t really relay on the British weather to guarantee its behaviour but that’s the joy of a day out. You can throw on extra layers to protect you from the drizzle but if it’s a scorching hot day we would advise you take short walks, close to home early or late in the day.
Woodland trails are great when the weather is warm as the trees and shade provide a cooler place to walk. Beaches and popular locations are surprisingly good places to visit when the weather is a bit wet and grey as they’re busiest on warmer days. You may find it peculiar, but our favourite time to go to the coast is in winter!
We reckon you could find a new place to visit every week with these great dog-friendly walks. If you’ve got any recommendations, you’d be happy to share, we’d love to hear from you.

Find a dog friendly beach for a chance to run and paddle in the sea

How to find dog friendly walks in the UK

National Trust

Broken down into areas, you can find a variety of dog friendly walks and routes, depending on what you want. This maybe along beaches or in the countryside, you’ll soon have so many new places to explore through the National Trust.

Canal & River Trust

With locks, wildlife, barges, and fishing, walking along the waters edge brings a whole new dimension to your adventures with the Canal & River Trust. You need to stay extra safe near being in such proximity to water and look out for any wildlife who inhabit the area.

Woodland trust

Dogs love to run and explore woodlands, with the rich variety of smells and textures. Watch out for signs asking you to keep your dog on a lead as some wildlife need extra protection depending on the time of year. You can search for woods that have a feature specific to your interests.

One of our favourite dog friendly walks in Yorkshire is Hackfall Woods, which will intrigue you with its history and delight you with its unusual grottos, water features and stepping-stones. Have a look for some hidden delights that you never expected to exist between the trees.

mowbray castle, one of the follies at hackfall woods in Grewelthorpe, Yorkshire

The National Forest

There’s a great and easy to use search page where you can filter using your location then add that you’re wanting dog friendly walks. If you only choose ‘dog’ and ‘walking’ then you’ll get to see plenty of dog friendly walks around the country, giving you ideas that you may not have previously thought about.
Most people are happy to travel for about 1 to 2 hours for a day trip, so this is a great place to get some dog friendly day out inspiration.

Discovering Britain

It’s worth popping over to this website purely for the photography! Choose the area of the country you’d like to find a dog friendly walk and you’ll get an overview of walks and trails with background information, the length of the walk and approximate time. Town and country walks included with historical background and geological facts included.

Discovering Malham Cove for a dog friendly day out

Advice when taking your dog on a day trip

SUPPLIES! Remember to take a bowl and water for your dog. If they need, take a coat for your dog in case they get wet and cold. Plus a cosy, washable blanket for your picnic!

RESPECT! Put your dog on a lead where appropriate. Be respectful of the life around you. From farm animals to wildlife, it’s your responsibility to control your dog.

RUBBISH! Take your litter home! This includes all your food waste and poo bags. Food packages, empty drink cartons, whatever it is, please take it home with you and put it in the bin!

HEAT! Don’t walk your dog on a really hot day. Dogs can manage with a couple of short walks when it’s cooler in the morning and evening.

Did you see where we went last summer?

Did you see our personal, dog friendly guide to North Norfolk? We were so lucky with the timing of our holiday to Norfolk last year. The weather was warm, and we found great places to walk and eat.

the fun at the fair in blakeney in north norfolk

Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures and any recommendations you’d like to pass on to us to try! Have fun.