Dog Friendly Autumn Adventures

October 03, 2021 3 min read

dog friendly autumn spring adventures black Labrador in a stream

As any dog owner will tell you, dogs are members of the family and require interaction, engagement, and appreciation all year round – not just in the sunnier months when it’s easier to motivate yourself to get out and take them for a stroll.

For people living in the UK, where autumn (and spring) can be relatively wet, chilly, and unpleasant, it might seem difficult to come up with ways to properly get out and have some adventures with your dog during this part of the year.

Fortunately, there are all sorts of options available, and if you get your dog a waterproof dog coat or warm dog fleece , they can be comfortable, and stay warm, more or less irrespective of what the weather is doing.

After all, as the saying goes, "There's no such thing as bad weather when you've got the right clothes."

So, if you’re looking for dog friendly days out and things to do in autumn with your dog, here are some suggestions that might prove helpful.

Go on a rural dog-friendly pub crawl

The UK is internationally renowned, in part, for its breath taking rural environments, quaint and iconic villages, and – of course – the traditional country pubs that are found in these environments.

If you’re interested in getting out and about and rambling through some beautiful and scenic rural locales in autumn, it probably goes without saying that you’ll want to get a pretty early start to your day and won’t want to be out on the path too late – as the sun will set fairly early, and unfavourable weather conditions might be more frustrating as the day wears on.

So, what better excuse do you need to break up your stroll with visits to dog-friendly pubs along the way, and to cap off your countryside ramble with dinner at just such a dog-friendly village pub?

dog friendly pubs in the UK whippet laying on a red tartan pet blanket by Ginger Ted

Many rural communities in the UK will have pubs that are pretty comfortable with the idea of letting dogs in – and it’s not uncommon at all to find dogs making new friends and resting by the fireplace in these sorts of establishments.

Find a dog friendly National Trust property

Wander around some beautiful manor house gardens and grounds courtesy of the National Trust

The National Trust serves a brilliant role in the UK by overseeing and managing all sorts of beautiful historical sites, including a large number of traditional manor houses, and their associated estates, gardens, and grounds.

Many of these sites will be dog-friendly and will enable you to take your dog for a stroll through a relatively more cultivated and maintained setting than some others you might explore.

The National Trust also makes it quite easy to figure out which sites and locations will be dog-friendly, and they include detailed information online about their various sites, their opening times, related attractions, and more.

Get lost in a scenic Woodland Trust protected forest

There’s something deeply powerful, uplifting, and even outright beautiful, about spending time in a deep and ancient woodland – one where the trees form a canopy overhead, and different paths guide you through a variety of seemingly-mystical scenes and landscapes.

Of course, forests can also be a great place for taking your dog for a stroll, and these sorts of expeditions can simultaneously help to soothe your dog and give them a much-needed dose of exercise, while at the same time helping to lift your mood and make you feel more positive about things as well.

After all, the tradition of “Forest Bathing” has been growing in popularity around the world in recent years, as more and more evidence seems to indicate that spending time in forests is remarkably good for maintaining a healthy sense of well-being.

In the UK, the Woodland Trust is an organisation that oversees and protects a large number of different forests, with a specific mission of guarding and restoring ancient woodland.

It’s easy to find all sorts of beautiful Woodland Trust forests that can be a great setting for a feel-good dog walking expedition, by checking out their website online.

Have a seasonally-appropriate picnic or barbecue

The UK has many beautiful parks that are open to the public, and which may be the perfect setting for a picnic, or even a barbecue – depending on specific rules and regulations.

Meeting up with some friends in a park like this can be a great opportunity to get your dog a bit of outdoor exercise, while simultaneously socialising, and eating some good food.