Celebrating National Pet Month

April 05, 2022 3 min read

Celebrating National Pet Month

April celebrates National Pet Month, so it's the perfect (pawfect) time to discuss our dogs and raise awareness that surrounds pet ownership.

Owning a dog is a defining moment for any pet lover. The love and attention you give your dog usually result in them giving it back.

Dogs are fun, loving, and smart animals, which justifies why British people are so fond of owning a dog at some point in their life.

The British fondness of owning dogs

Around 33% of UK households own at least one dog, which just proves the love for dogs across Britain. On the other hand, the most unusual pet to own is the Capybara, which is a large rodent, with webbed feet, that looks like a giant guinea pig. 

Why a dog makes your house a home

Dogs are protective and loving animals. They sense emotions and in return, give you the support and comfort that everyone needs from time to time. They also make great guards for the home, which can increase your security and safety.

With consistent training and your great care they will always show you unconditional love in return.

Depending on where you search, there's various answers to 'how many breeds of dogs there are'. The Kennel Club will give you one answer, the American Kennel Club will provide another. The FCI (World Canine Organisation) recognises 354 breeds.

As it is National Pet Month, we're going to focus our celebration on dogs! Let’s look at the most unusual and popular breeds to own.

The most unusual dog breed to own

We've established there are hundreds of dog breeds worldwide plus all the joyful mixes in between, it is difficult to suggest which is definitely the most unusual dog breed to own. It could be the Bedlington Terrier, which appears more like a lamb than it does a dog. 

Bedlington whippet

Seeing as they have characteristics that are more like a lamb than a dog, some people might get the animal type confused. Another unusual breed but one that certainly comes with a huge grooming responsibility is the Puli, which is distinctive for its long and corded coat.

Purebred Pembroke Puli

The most popular dog breed to own

The most popular dog breed to own might be easy to guess. It is the Labrador retriever, known for their love of outdoors, fitting into family life and happy disposition. They are also well-known working dogs due to their keen nature for training and high energy level.

A surprisingly popular breed is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Whilst stocky and short-haired, they are actually sweet-natured and patient with kids. As with all dogs, training and exercise are essential to bring out their soft side.

Evidently, the Miniature Schnauzer is the most popular dog breed in Manchester. A popular family dog known to be 'strong-willed' yet very loyal. 

What to think about before you get a dog

Owning a dog is a huge commitment. 


Caring for their every need, seeing as they cannot feed, wash, train, and walk themselves, as an owner, you have to do everything for them!


Dogs can be costly. It costs around £1,800 a year to own a dog, which involves food, medical care, and personal care. In March 2022 the Office for National Statistics added pet collars to their 'virtual basket', which represents the goods and services consumers typically spend their money on! Depending on your dog, you may need to spend money on dog clothing to keep the dry and warm on your walks. Not forgetting they'll need a bed, maybe a blanket to protect furniture, something to protect your car. Dog ownership certainly comes at a financial price. We're not here to put you off, just to be realistic before you commit.


Most dog breeds live around 10 to 15 years and they need care and attention every day. Therefore, it is essential to get a dog during a period of life where you can commit to them throughout their life. With good nutrition, care and exercise, our dogs are now living for longer than ever before.

Here at Ginger Ted, we love everything about dogs. Young or old, large, small and everything in between. We're here to celebrate with you and help you enjoy the positivity dogs will bring to your life.