Why biodegradable poo bags are this season's must have accessory

August 22, 2019 2 min read

Dog and girl enjoying the countryside

Few matters get dog-owners’ backs up as much as poo disposal. Should you use biodegradable poo bags? Is it better just to flick it into the bushes when out in the countryside?
How do you feel about putting it down the loo? And what about dog-owners' who hang it from the trees like some bizarre anti-Christmas protest?
We don’t have all the answers. What we do know is that dog poop isn’t sanitary and that it carries a whole bunch of diseases, many of which are harmful to humans.

Pick up after your dog

Whilst it is important to bag up your dog’s poop and then bin it, non-biodegradable poo bags are not best solution. They’re made from ethylene, which is derived from petroleum or natural gas.
It takes about a gazillion years to degrade, so it’s a big factor in plastic pollution. Not to mention the waste matter that sits in there all that time. Ugh.
The truth is that, despite recent publicity and a drive to clean up our oceans, more than three-quarters of plastic still ends up in landfill.

The problem with plastic

Since the 1950's, we’ve generated more than 41.5 million blue whales-worth of plastic. Up to 5% ends up in the sea and a huge 91% of plastic isn’t recycled. When it comes to dog poop, there’s no perfect solution. That is why biodegradable bags are a good start.

When something is biodegradable, it means it can get broken down by microorganisms and by heat, light and oxygen.

Using biodegradable poop bags

Biodegradable poop bags decompose within a few months as opposed to a few thousand years. They also won’t emit dangerous chemicals that damage the ecosystem.

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