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Father's day gift ideas for dog lovers under £20 by Ginger Ted

Father's day gift idea from the dog

June 01, 2020

Father's Day gift ideas for dog lovers

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#StayHome with a Ginger Ted Cosy Fleece pet blanket

Fun stay at home ideas for dogs

April 14, 2020

Stay home and cosy up with your dog

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ginger ted dog friendly ideas in uk

Dog friendly travels this Spring

March 07, 2020

Fresh ideas for a UK dog-friendly adventure

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Where do dog breeds come from? Old dog breeds such as the wolf hound

When characteristics became breeds

February 02, 2020

Evolution of dog breeds

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cuddling up with your dog is good for you by ginger ted

Cuddle up with your dog this winter

January 06, 2020

Cuddling up is good for you

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thermal quilted harness dog coat by ginger ted

Keeping your dog warm in winter

December 08, 2019

Warming winter ideas for your dog

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Big dog coats from Ginger Ted for larger dog breeds

Big love for BIG dog breeds

November 22, 2019

Going extra large with your dog breed

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Tweed Dog Coats by Ginger Ted

The timeless luxury of tweed

November 03, 2019

100% wool tweed dog coats for style, quality and warmth

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Dog and girl enjoying the countryside

Why biodegradable poo bags are this season's must have accessory

August 22, 2019

This season's must have accessory

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Why your dog is your best Valentine’s date

Why your dog is your best Valentine’s date

February 06, 2019

Grab your joggers for the best date ever

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female and her dog sleeping in a bed together

Science says it’s good to go to sleep with your dog

December 03, 2018

Curl up with your dog for a good night's sleep

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Dachshund running in a dog coat by Ginger Ted

Let’s discuss Dachshunds

November 02, 2018

Helpful advice and tips to care for your Dachshund. How to keep you Dachshund healthy and happy

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harness dog coat by ginger ted

Harness vs dog collars

October 02, 2018

Harness vs collars. Deciding which is best for your dog.

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Personalised gifts for dog lovers

Personalised gifts for dog lovers

December 01, 2017

Personalised dog coats for Christmas gifts for dogs

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